Dorat Al Khaleej International Private School – Al Irfan Branch, offers The Cambridge International Curriculum for subjects taught in English Language, in addition to The International French Curriculum for French as a Second Language in compliance with The Curriculum of the Omani Ministry of Education for subjects taught in Arabic Language.

Our students will benefit from these tailored global educational systems along their journey towards excellence for it is recognized by several world-class universities implemented in more than 10,000 schools across 160 countries and delivered by highly qualified education professionals.

The Cambridge International Curriculum implemented at Dorat Al Khaleej Private School is built upon the highest educational standards provided by The Cambridge Pathway approach which takes into consideration the cultural sensitivity of the local environment and its diversity.

In addition to this, the flexibility of The Cambridge Pathway Curriculum, allows the school to design and shape a curriculum relevant to the educational needs of the students.

A wide range of subjects communicated by the qualifications of our elite educators and supported with technology and resources will allow our students to acquire the essential skills for a bright future because we strongly believe that quality matters more than quantity and effective learning is the cornerstone of success.

The Cambridge Pathway Levels

The Cambridge Pathway is a multi-stage educational system where every level is interdependent on the previous level and in certain cases a stage can be offered separately. The stages all together form a road map which provides seamless guidance starting from Primary Years and all the way through Secondary Levels and Pre-University Years.


Early Years
( KG 1, KG 2)

Early Years

The curriculum in the early stage is designed to nurture the child's communication and language skills.


Cambridge Primary
(Age: 05 – 11)

Cambridge Primary

A broad and balanced education for learners is provided through Cambridge Primary, helping them to thrive throughout their schooling, work, and life.


Cambridge Lower Secondary
(Age: 11 – 14)

Cambridge Lower Secondary

The Cambridge Lower Secondary as a transitional stage is similar to the criteria offered in the Cambridge Primary stage.


Cambridge Upper Secondary
(Age: 14 – 16)

Cambridge Upper Secondary

Students earn internationally recognized Cambridge IGCSE qualifications upon completion


Cambridge Advanced
(Age: 16 – 19)

Cambridge Advanced

The Cambridge Advanced is a stage dedicated to students who need advanced preparatory studies towards university acceptance.

The International French Curriculum is implemented at Dorat Al Khaleej Private School for students from Kindergarten to Grade 6.

This curriculum is designed and provided by Maison Des Langues – (France) and CLE International – (France), which is considered as an added value for our students to have French as their second language.

The Ministry of Education Curriculum is applied to the following subjects (Arabic Language, Islamic Education, Social Studies) in addition to other subjects such as (Art, Physical Education(PE), and Music).

These subjects are taught in compliance with the guidelines and standards of the Omani Ministry of Education.

Moreover, the Bilingual Stream for Grade 11 and Grade 12 is also recognized by the Ministry of Education for students who select the Bilingual General Education Diploma.

Dorat Al Khaleej International Private School has also taken into consideration students with special needs and designed a focused curriculum known as the Special Needs Programme.