Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, in order to identify the academic level of the student. For more information, contact registration department (+968 99498401)
Yes, intensive English language courses are available.
Yes, intensive Arabic language courses are available.
Thank you for being interested in our school. Kindly contact the school for enquiries and to book a school tour (+968 99498401)
We offer the following languages:
Arabic language – English language – French language.
Yes, there is a school uniform.
The School Uniform can be purchased from ZAKS UNIFORM Store at The school uniform can be purchased from ZAKS UNIFORM store at Al Araimi Boulevard Mall – Level 1 – Seeb – Al Furusiya street.
Unfortunately, the option to rent the school uniform is not applicable.
Yes, transportation services and school busses are provided by a specialized company with high profile of security and safety standards.
Yes, our Elite social advisors are always available to provide our students with effective guidance and monitor their psychological aspects.
Yes, registration is open for students with special needs in Dorat Al Khaleej Private School – Irfan Branch – Airport Heights
Yes, parents will have a variety of payment plans available. For more details contact our accounting department (+968 99498401)
Yes, extra-curricular activities such as: swimming, sport clubs, gymnastics, art club, journalism, photography, graphic design. For more information contact activities department (+968 99498401)
Since the quality of education matters to us, our efforts were recognized by having a 100% ratio of our senior students being accepted by universities or receive scholarships to study abroad.
Yes, the student is eligible to sit for a retake when a valid excuse is provided. For more details contact our academic support department (+968 99498401).
Yes, hot lunch is available, and our students will be provided with a healthy, balanced, and appropriate meal. For more information contact our student affairs department (+968 99498401)
Yes, a special form is available to list and declare the foods and substances which a student is allergic to.
Dorat Al Khaleej Private School has a zero-tolerance policy towards violence and bullying. Our social advisors provide students with intensive awareness and guidance for a bullying-free school environment.
Currently, we do not provide students with smart devices, but there is a plan under study to do that in the future.

Common Comments

The fees are aligned and balanced with the services provided. Dorat Al Khaleej Private School is delighted to announce that the first 100 students who register in the school will be eligible to benefit from a 30% discount of the school fees.
The first term will start at the end of August of each year, and the second term will start at the beginning of February.