The subjects can be offered in a balanced cultural-contextual combination.

Students of this level will have flexible options to choose from 10 Subjects. English Language, Mathematics, and Sciences are compulsory subjects.

At Dorat Al Khaleej International Private School, Cambridge Lower Secondary is also a part of the Bilingual Programme and is offered in parallel with The Curriculum of the Omani Ministry of Education for Arabic Language, Islamic Education, Social Studies, Physical Education(PE), Art, and Music.

  • Students earn internationally recognized Cambridge IGCSE qualifications upon completion of the Cambridge Upper Secondary stage.
  • Helps improve performance by developing skills in Creative Thinking, Enquiry, and Problem-Solving, and the smooth transition towards advanced levels of education.
  • Develops the learner’s knowledge, understanding, and skills in:
    • Subject content
    • Intellectual inquiry
    • Influencing outcomes
    • Cultural awareness
    • Flexibility and responsiveness to change
    • Working and communicating in English
    • Applying knowledge and understanding to common and new situations

More than 70 Subjects are available at Cambridge IGCSE, including 30 Languages and can be offered in almost any combination. The syllabuses are carefully designed and specifically created for a culturally unbiased international student body while preserving its relevance to the local environment.

  • Develops the knowledge and understanding of learners.
  • Allows students to acquire skills such as.
    • In-depth Subject Content.
    • Independent Thinking.
    • Applying knowledge and understanding to new as well as familiar situations.
    • Handling and evaluating different types of information sources.
    • Thinking logically and presenting coherent arguments.
    • Making proper judgments, recommendations, and decisions.
    • Presenting reasoned explanations, understanding the implications, and communicating logically and clearly.
    • Working and Communicating in English.
  • Learners can choose to specialize in a particular subject area or study a range of subjects.
  • Allows schools to build and design an individualized curriculum.

The Cambridge Advanced level offers a flexible choice of 55 Subjects with the freedom to present these subjects in almost any combination.

  • Cambridge International A Level is a two-year course-based based Curriculum.
  • Cambridge International AS Level is a One-Year Curriculum.

Most subjects can be started as a Cambridge International AS Level and extended to a Cambridge International A Level.