Early Years

( KG 1, KG 2)

Early childhood years are considered the beginning point of the educational quest in the journey of the thousand miles starts at this stage.

At Dorat Al Khaleej Internationa Private School, we give students of this age range special attention through a well-designed curriculum that nurtures and balances their creativity, communication, and language skills.

Learning in this stage is introduced by a comprehensive approach that focuses on the concept of motivational Learning. In other words, the learning is mainly delivered by qualified instructors through a process of unboxing the intellectual curiosity and hidden skills of students through play-to-learn games, crafts, and educational songs.

We offer a comprehensive program that focuses on motivational learning. Learning is mainly delivered through games, playtime, songs, crafts, and skills.

International Curriculum applies to: English Language, Mathematics, Sciences, and Computer.
Ministry of Education Curriculum applies to: Arabic Language, Islamic Education, Art, Music, and Physical Education(PE).