Privacy Policy

Purpose of this Policy:

Dorat Al Khaleej International Private School is a registered and licensed educational institution within Muscat the capital city of the Sultanate of Oman and under the supervision of the Omani Ministry of Education. This document is intended to clarify and make you aware of how and why your data will be stored and used in terms of the purposes of the school providing a service to you, and for how long the data will be kept.

Principles of Data Protection:

At Dorat Al Khaleej International Private School our optimal policy is to comply with the laws, regulations, and principles of data protection, which means that the data collected will be:

  • Used in a fair, lawful, and transparent manner.
  • Collected for specific purposes only.
  • Relevant to the purposes of accuracy and maintaining up-to-date records.
  • Kept only for as long as necessary to process your inquiries and provide our educational services.
  • Held and kept securely.
Type of Data We Hold:

To provide educational services, Dorat Al Khaleej International  Private School will comply with the collection, storage, and usage of both personal and personal sensitive information to the following types: 

Parent / Guardian:
  • Information you provided on our registration forms and website.
  • Identity details (Name, Occupation, Nationality, Address, Telephone, Email).
  • Financial Information of authorized transactions.
  • Any other information you voluntarily provide including medical information.
  • Identity Details (Date of Birth, Gender, Nationality, Religious Beliefs)
  • Academic Details (Educational History, Academic Results, Attendance, Behavior).
  • Medical Details (Health Status, Sickness Records, Vaccination Records,  Allergies)
  • Information about any other special educational needs or disabilities.
  • Complaints and queries received via email, or any other communication method.
  • Usage data including how you use our website, portals, or online services.
  • Preferences of receiving marketing content or our Newsletter.
  • Internet Protocol(IP Address), Login data(username, password, browser type and device used to access our website and portals).
Collection of Data:

We, at Dorat Al Khaleej Private School collect personal information about students and parents from the following sources:

  • Registration forms and documents are attached with the applications.
  • Previous and current schools attended by the students (if applicable).
  • Registering on our website.
  • Attending our events and activities.
  • Questionnaires, circulars, and surveys.
  • Information provided in the course of our interaction with you.
Usage of Your Information:

The usage of your personal information is a legitimate necessity of the policy implemented at Dorat Al Khaleej Private School. This means that your data will be used for the necessary purposes to provide you with the best educational services.

Your information will be used for the following purposes:

  • To supply you with customized content related to your interests and preferences.
  • To analyze and develop our educational services and website experience.
  • To contact you in terms of School-Parent Communication, Marketing, Events, requesting additional information, and Follow-up on certain issues.
  • To process your registrations, inquiries, and applications.
Security of Your Data:

Strict measures have been put in place at Dorat Al Khaleej Private School to maintain high levels of security for your personal and sensitive information and to prevent accidental loss, unauthorized usage or access, or any form of data security breach.

In addition to this, the access to personal information is limited to employees who have a business and academic need-to-know, and such information is handled and processed with confidentiality. 

In the event of detection of any fraud or criminal offenses, or any suspected breach and to ensure network and information security, the school will be legally required in this case to notify you and to share your information with regulators and law enforcement agencies.

Data Retention:

Dorat Al Khaleej Private School will retain and store the personal information of students and parents for as long as it is required for the intended purpose or purposes it was collected for and mentioned in this Privacy Policy and to engage with you in a meaningful and appropriate way.

Rights of Access to Your Data:

Under certain circumstances, by law, you have the right to access your data in the following cases:

  • Obtain a confirmation that Dorat Al Khaleej Private School holds your personal data and the lawful processing of such data.
  • Obtain a copy of the personal information you share with our school.
  • Request correction of inaccurate data, and updating personal information.
  • Request to remove or block certain data such as receiving marketing emails or newsletters.
  • To exercise your rights, you can contact us in writing or visit our campus to process your request and provide you with answers to all your queries.
Withdrawal of Consent:

Your signature on the registration contract and accessing our website means that you have provided consent to Dorat Al Khaleej Private School to process your personal information for the purposes of fulfilling the school obligations under that contract. 

You have the right to withdraw your consent for that purpose at any time which will lead to stopping the processing of your application.

If you fail to provide information when requested, which is necessary for considering your application, Dorat Al Khaleej Private School will not be able to process your application successfully and hence your application will be discarded.

To withdraw your consent please contact the school reception. Once we have received your request to withdraw your consent, we will no longer process your application and dispose of your data securely.

Changes to this Policy:

Dorat Al Khaleej International Private School may make changes to this Privacy Policy and will let you know about these changes by displaying them on this website. Changes will begin to have an effect at the time they are displayed. The version of the Privacy Policy that will apply to you is the one that is current at the time you use this website, or you use our services.